Ukraine: Faith Organizations Call U.S. to Support Diplomacy and Creative Nonviolent Resistance


Press Release

More than 20 national and regional faith-based organizations have sent a letter to President Biden and members of Congress urging support and focus on a kind of diplomacy that is willing to compromise for the sake of saving lives. It also urges the support and amplification of creative nonviolent resistance actions rather than maintaining the killing and escalation of war.

The signatories include the Fellowship of Reconciliation and other interfaith movements, as well as groups representing specific faith traditions — from Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christians to Hindus, Jains, Jews, Muslims, Zoroastrians, and more — explain in the letter that, “The war in Ukraine is a spiritual, human, and ecological catastrophe. We have failed to escape the cycle of threats, blame, and retribution which escalates hostility and distrust. We have failed to engage diplomacy focused on the dignity and human needs of the key stakeholders, with a willingness to compromise, and a focus on saving lives. We have failed to adequately train people in nonviolent conflict, resistance and civilian-based defense. Let’s not make these mistakes again.”

The signers go on to explain the kinds of creative nonviolent actions that can help to break the cycles of violence and illuminate the way of just peace. They conclude that “the U.S. is positioned to contribute to ending the cycle of violence and ensuring a just and lasting peace. We urge you to choose that path.”

Media Contact: Eli McCarthy, Ph.D.:, 510-717-8867

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  1. The Historians Andrew Bacevich, Anatol Lieven, Chris Hedges, and others have publicly stated that the demands made by Putin and the Russian political leadership are reasonable and designed to protect the safety of the Russian people. They agree that Putin’s concerns were also about protecting Russian sovereignty and that Russia has the same rights to sovereignty as does any other country. The fact that President Biden and the mainline news no longer mentions concerns expressed by Putin demonstrates that the U.S. political leadership and American mainline news are presenting only one side of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict. U.S. citizens deserve to know both sides of the conflict. Explanations given from one perspective demonstrates bias and prejudice and leads to decisions that support war rather than diplomacy that could lead to a peaceful resolution. FOR-USA should support news options that cover the Ukrainian/Russian conflict from a bipartisan perspective. Jim Johnson (Louisville, FOR Steering committee)

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