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Blog FOR Peace

Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou

I have not slept for days. Last night I stood again at the front lines of a mass protest in Ferguson, Missouri. We were marching peacefully, calling for justice in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown last week.

UPDATE: Rev. Sekou appeared live on “Democracy Now!” on Tuesday, August 19.

Ferguson is home for me.

My sister’s family lives here. I was born and attended high...


Love is going to fuck you up.” The ominous words rang out from a woman standing on the street corner. Pointing at me, the woman declared, “You are going to have to die before you can love anybody here.” I knew she was right. The Prophetess of Ferguson reminded me of all the times I have tried to pretend that I don’t carry my own bigotries in life.

I knew that love had brought me to this city of death, but more was...

Gretchen Honnold

On Monday, August 18, our friends The Peace Poets, a collective of artists that celebrate, examine and advocate for life through music and poetry, announced to their community that they had decided to divert from their current tour schedule to join the struggle for justice in Ferguson in the wake of the fatal police shooting of teenager Michael Brown. They explained on their Facebook page,

“…we’ve learned how...

Susan K. Smith

On Friday, August 15, there was, finally, a feeling of relative calm.

After five days of anguished turmoil, with the streets of Ferguson looking more like a battlefield in Iraq than a street in America, there was a feeling of hope. With the coming of Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, the people of Ferguson were feeling like they mattered. Instead of being confronted with tear gas and riot gear, the people of Ferguson were being heard.

That was Friday morning.

But by late morning Friday, the calm was shattered. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas...

Dr. Hakim

“Her father was killed in Helmand amidst fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan/U.S.-NATO forces,” said a relative about Gul Jumma, who looked down, shy and full of angst, sensing a future that’s not promising.

Gul Jumma, together with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, expressed their opposition to wars in this video. Gul Jumma (in photo above, at right) holds up the sign for Ukraine, indicating “No to wars in Ukraine.” She understands what it is like to be caught in the crossfire, as happened to her...