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Blog FOR Peace

Judy Bello

The Afghan Peace Volunteers have a Global Day of Listening call on the 21st Day of every month. People come on the call to network with other activists and people living in troubled areas around the globe. People participate in the call, and others join through a live-stream feed. The idea is to form a global network of people and organizations who support one another’s efforts to bring peace and justice to disparate parts of the globe, through sharing information and insights.

Last week, the call focused on a woman named Asma who called in from...

Jonette O. Miller

By Lauren Drummond

I would like to consider myself a bridge-builder between cultures. If you were to check out my Face-book “friends” list, you would see the names and faces of men and women of Latin American, East Indian and Asian descent, along with Euro-Americans, Jews, Africans and African Americans-with whom I identify myself.  My white Facebook “friends” are people with whom I went to grade school and high school, parents whose children attend school with my sons, past and present co-workers and believers in Christ I have come to know through various...

Jeff Hood

Love is going to fuck you up.” The ominous words rang out from a woman standing on the street corner. Pointing at me, the woman declared, “You are going to have to die before you can love anybody here.” I knew she was right. The Prophetess of Ferguson reminded me of all the times I have tried to pretend that I don’t carry my own bigotries in life.

I knew that love had brought me to this city of death, but more was...

Gretchen Honnold

On Monday, August 18, our friends The Peace Poets, a collective of artists that celebrate, examine and advocate for life through music and poetry, announced to their community that they had decided to divert from their current tour schedule to join the struggle for justice in Ferguson in the wake of the fatal police shooting of teenager Michael Brown. They explained on their Facebook page,

“…we’ve learned how...

Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou

I have not slept for days. Last night I stood again at the front lines of a mass protest in Ferguson, Missouri. We were marching peacefully, calling for justice in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown last week.

UPDATE: Rev. Sekou appeared live on “Democracy Now!” on Tuesday, August 19.

Ferguson is home for me.

My sister’s family lives here. I was born and attended high...