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Lucas Johnson

For the past several months, Daniel Hunter’s book Strategy & Soul has accompanied me throughout my journey with the FOR. I found myself returning to it over and over again for it’s insights and honesty. Daniel provided such clear analysis in the pages of this book that content from it’s pages has crept into many organizing conversations...

Joe Groves

Guns, Surveillance, and Resistance

We tend to think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a matter of foreign affairs. At one level that is correct—the visible locus of the conflict is “over there,” between “other people.” What is less immediately visible is the presence of the conflict here in our midst. I’d like to take the opportunity to explore a few of the ways that the conflict is present among us and the consequences for understanding the struggles we face here in the United States.

Guns: Our contribution to the conflict

The big picture of...

Ibrahim Al-Assil

Terrorism does not fight terrorism” declares a Syrian protest sign, emphasizing that the brutal Assad regime and the repressive Islamist extremists are two sides of the same coin. The sign tells a story.

Two civil resistance groups, I Am Syrian and the Syrian Nonviolence Movement, sponsored an exhibit called “Stories of the Revolution.” The display took place in two rounds during March and April, in part of Aleppo outside regime control, despite Aleppo’s ongoing devastation by the regime’s barrel bombing of civilian and armed alike in the area...

Tom Morrison

Walter Wink, thank you for writing your short autobiography, Just Jesus, before you died.  When I saw the book on Linda Kelly’s desk at the FOR headquarters, I gravitated right towards it.  I was interested in meeting you in person, even if it had to be through the written word. 

I had seen you from afar from my place in the FOR audience when you and your wife June were awarded the Peace Prize in 2006.  Your voice was shaky then, and I was told you were very...

Ymani Simmons

Beaver Creek ambles through the arid Arizona land revealing a spreading community of stone-beings that make the waters dance and sing as they roll and tumble on their endless journey. Thursday, March 20, 2014 was Spring Equinox, and I was blessed to be stepping into Ceremony, the first Women’s Gathering, with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and sisters from all parts of this beautiful world. The Grandmothers are an international alliance of indigenous female Elders that focuses on issues such as the environment, internationalism, and human...