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Blog FOR Peace

Ethan Vesely-Flad

Since the 1920s, the Fellowship of Reconciliation has provided an interfaith context for people to put their religious beliefs into action. Our understanding of “interfaith” has meant not watering down our faith traditions into a “least common denominator” sense of religion. Instead, FOR has worked to strengthen each faith tradition to be honored in its richest and most vibrant articulation of the pursuit of nonviolent social change.

I am proud to be a part of a community that has provided a depth of multi-faith engagement for...

Frank Goetz

Applications for The Third Annual WSFPC Peace Essay Contest are now being accepted. Awards will again be $1,000 for the winner, $300 for the runner-up and $100 for third place. 


Lynn Gottlieb

A powerful take away for rabbis attending the fabulous Jewish Voice for Peace National Members’ Meeting emerged during a text study with the venerable Rabbi Everett Gendler, who introduced us to the important work of Rabbi Samuel Tamaret (1869 – 1903). As we listened to our elder teach, we realized our deep connection to previous rabbinic generations who also...

Rene Wadlow

May the soul flourish;
May youth be as the new-grown grain


Navroz, usually celebrated on 21 March in Iran and Central Asia, is the “New Day”, the end of the old year with its hardships and deceptions and the start of the New Year to be filled with hope and optimism.  It is a day for spiritual renewal and physical rejuvenation and is usually a time for reciting devotional poetry, presenting food with symbolic meaning to guests, and visits among family and close ...


This weekend, FOR staff are in Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri, for Truth Telling Weekend. The event is the culmination of months of work organizing people from across the country to come together, share stories and learn about processes and practices of restoration and reconciliation, and shift the conversation toward the root causes of conflict.

The Truth Telling movement, like other movements in Ferguson, is committed to nonviolent social change. Unfortunately, late...