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Blog FOR Peace

Elbert Big Man Howard

With respect to the passing on of George Houser, on August 19, 2015, I would like to say some words of remembrance.

George Houser, first of all, was a man for whom I held an enormous amount of respect.

I met George, together with his wife Jean, in 2010, at a time late in both our lives, through a friend, at his home at Friends House in Santa Rosa, California. We had what seemed to be an instant connection - he was so very vibrant then still, with his twinkling eyes and enthusiastic, intelligent questions, trying to find out more about me! I was just so happy to meet...

Dr. Hakim

The Afghan Peace Volunteers, based in Kabul, Afghanistan, are partnering with many organizations and individuals around the world to say we have all had ENOUGH

On the 21st of September 2015, the International Day of Peace, the Afghan Peace Volunteers will launch #Enough!, a global campaign to abolish war, in which we’re encouraging all members of the human family to sign...

Richard Lapchick

While he lived well into his 99th year, the world lost a champion for justice last week. George House was my mentor, role model, and dear friend. Other than my father, he was the man who had the greatest influence on my life.

I first read about George Houser when he met with a group of black athletes who were prominent in sport but even more prominent because of their involvement in social justice issues. They were gathering to discuss both a boycott of the Mexico City Olympic Games and action to isolate apartheid South Africa.

That meeting was intense and powerful...

Kathy Kelly

This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

Imagine children lustily singing the above lines which eventually became a civil rights anthem. Their innocence and happy resolve enlightens us. Yes! In the face of wars, refugee crises, weapon proliferation and unaddressed climate change impacts, let us echo the common sense of children. Let goodness shine. Or, as our young friends in Afghanistan have put it, #Enough! They write the word, in Dari, on the palms of their hands and show...

Gail Hovey

George Houser hired me in 1980 to work at the American Committee on Africa (ACOA). We had already known each other for 15 years and would remain colleagues and friends until the end. There are too many stories to tell. In all the accolades for George, let’s not forget what Julius Nyerere said about him and ACOA in 1989 when Nyerere wrote the forward for George’s book ...