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Join us Starting Thursday January 27th for our monthly online book club. Dr. Fernando Ona, the inaugural recipient of the Walter Wink & June Keener Wink Fellowship, will lead the group through Walter Wink’s landmark text The Powers That Be. We will meet the final Thursday of each month from January to May reading and discussing 2-3 chapters each month. 

Please register here: https://bit.ly/WinkBook22.

Our first session will cover the book’s Introduction and Chapter 1. Our format will be discussion based, so please bring any questions that were raised in your reading.

Registration is FREE and we encourage you to sign up—and tell your friends—even if you will not be able to make every meeting. 

About The Powers That Be: The renowned theologian and biblical scholar, Walter Wink helps us reformulate our ancient concepts — such as God and Satan, angels and demons, principalities and powers — in light of what we now know. The result is nothing less than a new worldview, one that will help us address the problems of the present and meet the challenges of the future. Wink’s theology is shaped as much by his study of the Bible as by his involvement over decades in struggles for racial justice, human rights, ending war, and other pressing social concerns.

Full List of Meetings:

Thursday, January 27

Thursday, February 24

Thursday, March 31

Thursday, April 28

Thursday, May 26

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