Spring Equinox Prayer

Let us awaken from the quiet beauty and sacred stillness of Winter, giving thanks for the solitude and reflection her season has provided.

Photo by Kirstin Bashara, Alexandria VA (Flickr/CC).

Let us emerge from the protection of our solitary cocoons, readying ourselves for the miraculous moment when our newly unfolded wings take flight away from the harsh, unforgiving chill of separation.

Let us turn our faces to the warmth of a new Sun dawning on the horizon; a new day offering the promise of hope, change, renewal, and rebirth for all living beings.

Let us gather together as one human family — mindfully planting our new seeds of patience, tolerance, and understanding in the rich and fertile soil of compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Let us embrace the endless possibilities of uninhibited growth and mindfully weed our gardens with tools of tenderness, devotion, and non-judgment.

Let us remove all doubt and fear of the unknown future and replace it with steadfast responsibility and accountability for the collective choices made that have shaped our present.

Let us reclaim the innocence of our own infancy, when heart and spirit were pure, fresh, and unblemished.

Let us step out of the darkness of division and into the light of solidarity, perfectly balanced between shadow and illumination, day and night, uncertainty and clarity, separation and unity.

Let us nurture the new sprouts of transformation with the unyielding power of faith, trust, and heartfelt nurturance and encouragement.

Let us grow this diverse circle of humanity with a clear vision of the necessity and urgency of strong “community — common unity” — based in loving service to the greater good.

Let us live in gratitude for all that we have, all that we are, and all that we are capable of becoming as we assist one another in thriving, not merely surviving.

Let us make the necessary changes within our own hearts and minds that allow us to rise above the pitfalls of the past and step into this season of new beginnings, cultivating a world of Harmony, Fellowship, Peace, and Prosperity for all living beings.

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