Paul Magno


Paul Magno lives in Washington DC and has been peace and justice activist and part of the Catholic Worker movement since graduating from Georgetown University in 1978. He has made a living working for a number of justice, service and solidarity organizations over the past 30 years and been recognized for his work, most recently as the 2019 Pax Christi Metro DC & Baltimore Peacemaker of the Year. He has also published occasional articles for the National Catholic Reporter, Sojourners Magazine and The Catholic Worker, Fellowship & Waging Nonviolence, among others, and been a contributor to two book, Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement & The Hidden 1970s.
His primary work over the last decade has been as support group leader for two Plowshares groups, the Transform Now Plowshares and the Kings Bay Plowshares, as they faced trial and prison following their disarmament actions in 2012 and 2018. He was also part of one such nonviolent resistance action, the Pershing Plowshares, in 1984 in Orlando FL and served 20 months in Federal prison as a result.
He is the father of two adult daughters who have outgrown the need to listen to him, but sometimes do anyway.

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