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We have reached a critial point. A time of social disruption. We have a responsibility to the planet, each other, and future generations.

Our Work

The Heart of Our work is a Nonviolent Narrative

We see nonviolence as a way of life, a moral commitment and a social tool, which guides us in all that we do at FORusa.
As a society, too often have we worked toward social action while forgetting about the principle of nonviolence. FORusa reminds us of that concept and promotes the best in us to surface when we take action rather than our worst, no matter what is happening around us.

Things We Do

Strategic nonviolent movements are one of the most potent forces in the world. They oust dictators, change policy and realize the hopes of the people.

Outreach to local communities is at the root of our work. Forge relationships, give aid, support and help them grow into and reflect the vision of Beloved Community.

FORusa training and tools for advocacy, organizing and mobilizing will equip future peace and justice leaders.

Nurture co-operation, improved understanding and acceptance of diverse religious and cultural perspectives.

As a branch of IFOR’s international network, we work with partners around the world to end militarism in all of its forms.

We accomplish our work by: 

Education. Tools. Training. Support.
Theological Grounding.
Engaging the theology of nonviolent resistance.
Preparing communities for targeted nonviolent action grounded in deep abiding love.

International Work

We Grow the Global Peace Community

FORusa is part of a flourishing global Fellowship, a vibrant international and intergenerational peace and justice movement.
More than 70,000 constituents in the U.S. participate in our base-building work.

The violence of war in all of its forms is supported by racism and economic oppression. FORusa makes every effort to bring about real alternatives. As peace-activists, we work to minimize and prevent conflict escalation while seeking peaceful resolution. Historically, we have been active in global struggles. In more recent years, the main focus of our efforts have shifted to the U.S. and its root causes of violence and inequality.

We Impact Governments & Policy

FORusa endorses, and often provides, staff and volunteers to represent the Fellowship in organized alliances such as United National Antiwar Coalition, a network of individuals and organizations assembled to prevent U.S. use of military force worldwide.

FORusa consistently signs on to national coalition letters and petitions that mobilize religious and community leaders to press political and corporate decision-makers on public policy issues.

Making the Dream a Reality through Beloved Community

Committed to the philosophy and methods of nonviolence, we can create a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings.

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