We are Americans, U.S. citizens
Followers of many spiritual traditions
Compelled to speak, for ourselves and for others
Convinced that war brings neither freedom nor peace
Called to speak the truth as our faiths demand
May we be filled with the strength to seek peace.

War will not end when the guns are silent
Violence can never lead to peace.
The government does not faithfully represent
Our desires or those of the people of the world
And so it becomes our obligation to speak and to act.
We will bear the responsibility
We will claim our democratic power
We will willingly accept what is required
We will stand against the forces of death
We will stand for life.
May we be filled with the courage to seek peace.

Duty calls upon us to prohibit violence
Directed at our helpless brothers and sisters
To limit the monstrous domination of war
To repair the ruin, whenever, wherever we can.
The direct horrors inflicted upon the people
The damage to homes, lands, heritage, institutions
The disruption of their eating, drinking, traveling, breathing, living.
May we be filled with the compassion to seek peace.

We grieve for the harm to our own country
The degradation suffered here in common
The contagion of fear and distrust
The restriction of our freedoms
The quashing of our dialogue and dissent
We grieve the terrible wounding of those sent off to fight
Children captured by the demons of war
Who will suffer illness of body and spirit
Whose families too absorb the blows of violence
We grieve the rupture of families where a member is killed
Parents, spouses, infants overcome with grief
Losing a source of sustenance and survival.
May we be filled with the endurance to seek peace.

War will not fulfill those government promises
For it is based on lies, and lies have been told.
Here we stand on truth, and stand together
United as one humanity, here we are.
We grasp the horror of war in all its fullness
And embrace it with our joined compassion.
May we be filled with the vision of peace.

Recognizing our weakness
We call on the spirit of Mercy to guide us now.
Nothing is stronger.
The spirit will prevail.

Amen. Amin.

March 21, 2003 signed by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Church of God Peace Fellowship, Disciples of Christ Peace Fellowship, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Jewish Peace Fellowship, Lutheran Peace Fellowship, Methodist Peace Fellowship, Muslim Peace Fellowship, Pax Christi USA, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship, and The Witness magazine (Episcopal Church Publishing Company).