According to UNICEF, 8.4 million Syrian children and adolescents —

more than a third of the nation’s total population — are in need of humanitarian aid, and more than 2.5 million kids are currently living as refugees or on the run, in search of safety.


A Parable of Noble Men

Once Upon a Time… 
.. a million fathers from all around the Earth walked over the border from X into a wretched place called Syria. 
Each father found three children and then took them out of harm’s way. 
One of the fathers stopped at the border and looked a soldier in the eye and said, 
“Go tell your commander we will be back tomorrow for the rest of these children.” 
True to his word the original million fathers were joined the next day by a million brothers and uncles. 
Three million fathers-brothers-uncles walked into Syria and took as many children that were left in that wasted land and crossed borders into sanctuary. 
The last of the fathers stopped at the border and looked a soldier in the eye and said, 
“Tell your commander we won’t be back until it is time to bury your corpse. 
Tell them – “This War is Over now.” 
True to his word – the fathers the brothers the uncles – took the children into sanctuary. 
They did not return until all the belligerents had been silenced by the weapons of war. 
They found no survivors upon their return. 
(The belligerents wanted it so.) 
The noble men buried the hostiles and the aggressors and the conscripts and the civilians and the animals. 
They gathered the weapons of war and buried them as well. 
The desolate land was left fallow and heartbroken as a reminder.

War solves nothing.
Fathers and brothers and uncles will rise.
Mothers and sisters and aunts always have.
[Grandparents too]