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List of Battle Groups Trained in Vieques, 1997-2000

Puerto Rico Update, Number 32, Spring 2001
Disarming the U.S. Military Hub in Latin America

Battle Groups Trained in Vieques, 1997-2000

Battle Group/ Dates Deployed/Deployment

USS George Washington

Oct 3-Apr 3, 1997

Mediterranean Sea


USS John C Stennis

Feb 22-Aug 20, 1998

Persian Gulf


USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

June 10-Dec 10, 1998

Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea


USS Carl Vinson

Dec. 1998-2000

Iraq/Persian Gulf


USS Enterprise

Nov 3-May 3, 1999

Mediterranean Sea

Iraq/Persian Gulf


USS Theodore Roosevelt

Apr 4-July 15, 1999

Mediterranean Sea/Kosovo


USS George Washington

Summer 2000

Iraq/Persian Gulf

Mediterranean Sea


USS Harry S. Truman

February 2001

Iraq/Persian Gulf

*from The National Security Need for Vieques, Commander U.S. Second Fleet and Commander U.S. Marine Corps Forces Atlantic, 15 July 1999; Navy web-site:


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