2006 Vol. 72 No. 7-8 July/August

Pilgrimages of Conscience

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  • Moving to the Fore: Countering Walls, Troops, Free Trade, and Xenophobia
    by Amanda Jack
  • 122 Days in Baghdad
    by Norman Kember
  • Taking Peacemaking Seriously: An Interview with Dan Berrigan
    by John Griffin
  • Pilgrimages of Conscience

    A Pilgrimage to the Modern Heart of Darkness
    by Frida Berrigan
    Silence in the Face of Torture Is Betrayal
    by Allie Perry
    Balkan Peace Caravan
    by Darko Brkan
    Road Trippin' for Justice
    by Nico Amador
  • Moving Toward the Center of Violence
    by Nicholas Mele
  • Clash of the Influential: A Zambian Reflection on Violence
    by Kabale Ignatius Mukunto


  • Viento and Insumisa
    by Piedad Morales


  • Editorial: Through the Looking Glass
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Nonviolence in Daily Practice: Experiments in Disarmament
    by Stephanie Kaza
  • Heartbeat: Toad Hunting
    by Rabia Terri Harris
  • The Decade Challenge: Aging Activists
    by Janet Chisholm
  • News of the Fellowship:
    • Nonviolent Resistance in Colombia: Building a Culture of Peace
      by Janet Leslie and Peg Morton
    • FOR Sponsors Congressional Briefing on Conscientious Objection, Military Recruitment Fund
      by Ibrahim Ramey
    • Second FOR Peace Delegation to Iran Draws International Media Attention
      by Staff
    • Interfaith Peace-Builders and FOR: A New Relationship
      by Staff
  • Book Reviews: Mission Rejected; The Just War and Jihad; Speak Peace in a World of Conflict; Trained to Kill; Just Peacemakers; Ethical Business Relationships
  • Obituaries
    edited by Richard Deats
  • Letters to the Editor

On the front cover: Maria Perez, center, demonstrates at a rally for immigrant rights in downtown Los Angeles, California, on April 10, 2006. Hundreds of thousands of supporters of immigrant rights marched throughout the country that day in opposition to HR-4437, the bill in Congress that would stiffen penalties for undocumented workers and those that aid them in the United States. Photo by Victor James Blue, courtesy of World Picture News.