2010 Vol. 76 No. 4-6 Summer

Terms of Engagement

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  • Boycotts, Nonviolence, and Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Transformation
    by Lynn Gottlieb
  • Music's Power to Make Peace: Musicians without Borders
    by Laura Hassler
  • U.S. Assistance to the Colombian Army and Extrajudicial Killings: Responsibility and Global Implications for Human Rights
    by John Lindsay-Poland
  • Disarming History: Dual-Narrative Textbooks in Israel-Palestine
    by Zara Zimbardo


  • Yet, I Came
    by Hawah
  • At the Diner, a Veteran Speaks
    by Larry Smith


  • Editorial: Terms of Engagement
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Letters to the Editor
  • News of the Fellowship
    • Robotic Age Weapons Challenged in Groundbreaking Conference
      by Peter Lumsdaine
    • Seeking Peace in India
      by Christopher M. Zimmerman
    • Civil Rights Reunion Offers Inspiration for the Future
      by David Hartsough
    • The World Owes You Its Gratitude: Progress toward Nuclear Abolition
      by Preston Davis
  • Book Reviews: Memories of Muhammad; Freefall; It's Really All About God; The American Gandhi; The Green Zone; The Politics of Baseball; Becoming a Justice Seeking Congregation
  • Film Reviews: Tulia; The Weather Underground; Have You Heard from Johannesburg?
    reviewed by Alan Levin
  • Recommended Resources
    reviewed by Tom Morrison
  • Obituaries
    edited by Tim Shenk
  • 2009 Fellowship Index