2010 Vol. 75 No. 10-12 Winter

Crossing Borders

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  • Borders and Burdens and the Children of War
    by Charles London
  • Human Trafficking in Our Backyard
    by Rachel Braver
  • Without Hope, People Perish: How Neo-liberal Policies Drive Migration
    by Nunu Kidane and Gerald Lenoir
  • Immigration Detention
    by Jacki Esposito
  • Persecution at Every Turn: LGBT and HIV-Positive Refugees
    an interview of Dusty Araujo by Lynn Gottlieb


  • Editorial: Crossing Borders
    by Lynn Gottlieb
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: A Petition to President Obama
  • News of the Fellowship
    • Environmental Refugees: An African Perspective
      words by Don Mosley; transcribed and edited by Lynn Gottlieb
    • Community of Living Traditions: Interfaith Nonviolence Initiative
      by Lynn Gottlieb
    • La'Onf: The Making of an Iraqi Nonviolence Movement
      by Preston Davis
  • Reviews: That Bird Has My Wings; Saving Paradise; Acts of Conscience; Resist!; Resistance; Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence; The Shadows of Youth; The Bases of Empire
  • Recommended Resources