2006 Vol. 72 No. 1-2 January/February

Unfinished Business

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  • Finding the Other America
    by Anne Braden
  • Racism Is Not an “Old Issue”: An Interview with Ted Shaw
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Hunting Duck-Rabbits in Tulia, Texas
    by Alan Bean
  • The Betrayal of the Struggle Against Apartheid
    by Terry Crawford-Browne
  • The Dragon and the Chrysanthemum
    by Conn Hallinan
  • Seeds of Reconciliation Sprout in the Shadow of Genocide
    by Doug Hostetter
  • Ongoing Summer Work Camps in Bosnia, 1996-2005
    by Dolores Gunter
  • Reunion
    by Shqipe Malushi


  • The Great I Am
    prose by Scott Pryor


  • Editorial: Calling the Shots
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Columns:
    • The Decade Challenge: Creating a Nonviolent World Despite a Violent Past
      by Elliott Adams
    • Global Balance: Environmental Justice: The Canary in the U.S. Social Justice Movement Mine?
      by Ludovic Blain
    • Heartbeat: Everything I Know About Violence I Learned in Kindergarten
      by Rabia Terri Harris
    • Nonviolence in Daily Practice: Ahimsa: Nonviolence from a Yoga Perspective
      by Debra Weiss
  • News of the Fellowship:
    • Colombia: Death and the SOA
      by Virginia Wilber
    • International Teamwork
      by Staff
    • National Student Walkout Against the War and Military Recruitment
      by Staff
  • Book Reviews: Through Survivors' Eyes; Pictures of Home; Rethinking War and Peace; War and the Christian Conscience; Christmas in the Clouds
  • Lit Notes: ZaatarDiva; Free the P; No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow
    edited by Virginia Wilber
  • 2005 Fellowship Index
  • Dates and Opportunities

On the front cover: From left, Sydney Yao, 8, Bevara Hill, 8, and Sierra Yao hold up Pan-African flags at the Million More Movement march on Washington, D.C. Tens of thousands of African Americans converged on the National Mall on October 15, 2005. Photo by Michael Temchine, courtesy of World Picture News.