2012 Vol. 77 No. 4-6 Summer

I Will Respect

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  • Once a Child Soldier, Now a Provider of Hope: Fellowship interviews Ricky Richard Anwar
    by Linda Kelly
  • Healing Trauma and Stopping the Cycle of Violence: Fellowship Interviews Abel Learwellie
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • The Challenges of Citizen Diplomacy: Building Trust and Relationships in Iran
    by Judith Bello
  • Touch Not Even One Stone, Touch Not One Flower: Resisting Militarism in Korea
    by Choi Sung-hee


  • Juárez on the Infinite Horizon of War
    by Willivaldo Delgadillo
  • Sorry, sorry, sorry
    by Ken Sehested
  • soy troy davis (i am troy davis)
    by Silvia Brandon Pérez


  • Editorial: A Time FOR Change
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Letters to the Editor
  • News of the Fellowship:
    • An "Attitude of the Soul" in Mexico
      by John Lindsay-Poland
    • IFOR Update: Nonviolence Education Project Grows
      by Eva and Kim Fuessinger
    • Building Peace in Colombia from the Bottom Up
      by Susana Pimiento
    • Working for Peace: FOR's 2011 Seabeck Conference Evokes Memories
      by Sally O'Kane McClintock
    • Equality Caravan Tours Kyrgyzstan: First Project of Its Kind in Central Asia
      by Veronika Yurieva
  • Pact for Peaceful Witness: A Resource for the Occupy Movement
  • Book Reviews: “Islam” Means Peace; Roots of Jewish Nonviolence; Christian Peace and Nonviolence; The Christian Pacifist; When Religion Becomes Lethal; Conscience; Collective Visioning; Facilitating Group Learning; Tropic of Chaos; To Die in Mexico; Western Sahara; Seeds Bearing Fruit; The Gender Imperative; A Saving Remnant; All Is Grace; Bob Drinan
  • Obituaries
    edited by Linda Kelly
  • Recommended Resources
    edited by Tom Morrison

On the front cover: Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam is a village in Israel, jointly established by Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of the region, that is engaged in educational work for peace, equality, and understanding between the two peoples. Children of the village composed the message “I Will Respect” as part of an “I Will Not Kill” campaign organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation in 2011. Photo courtesy of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam.