2011 Vol. 76 No. 10-12 Winter

Rethinking Money

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  • Rethinking Money
    by Mark C. Johnson
  • Challenging Corporate Money in Politics: Common Cause Leads Fight Against Citizens United
    Compiled and edited by Mark C. Johnson and Daphne Estwick
  • Debt, Disparity, and Discipleship
    by Ray V. Foss with Thomas H. Greco, Jr.
  • Money, Usury, and the Economics of Peace
    by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.
  • Transformative Religious Experience: The Key to Ending Usury
    by Scott Craig Mooney
  • Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes
    by the War Resisters League
  • Healing Moral Injury: A Lifelong Journey
    by Camilo E. Mejia
  • Tough Outside and Sweet Inside
    by Philip J. Bentley


  • Then They Came for Me
    by Stephen Rohde
  • A State of Fear
    by Josephine Dixon-Banks
  • Poem Against Visitors' Registration in Burma
    by Moe Thee Zun


  • Editorial: Subvert the Dominant Paradigm
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Letters to the Editor
  • News of the Fellowship
    • Responding to Violence With Unity: Interfaith Peacemaking in Oregon
      by Laurie Childers
    • George Houser Honored in the United States and South Africa
      by Jason Wyman
    • Teaching Peace and Tolerance as Lessons in Civil and Social Responsibility
      by Charles F. Howlett
    • Decoding the Media: Understanding Self, Understanding Others
      by Richard L. Johnson
  • Using Our Heads, Together: The Soldier as Super-Citizen: A Successful Activist-Scholar Collaboration to Challenge the JROTC
    by Seth Kershner
  • The Spirituality of Nonviolence: Becoming the Dialogue We Seek Via the Traditions We Cherish
    by John Backman
  • Book Reviews: Colorblind; Working in the Shadows; From Pacification to Peacebuilding; My Spiritual Journey; Bonhoeffer and King; Never to Leave Us Alone; Mercy Without Borders; The Politics of Human Rights Protection; Capital Offense
  • Obituaries
    edited by Jason Wyman and Linda Kelly
  • Recommended Resources
    edited by Tom Morrison

On the front cover: In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, Egyptian Muslims and Christians celebrated together the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak. Photo courtesy of Dylan Martinez, Reuters.