2007 Vol. 73 No. 4-6 Spring

Iran: The Face of the Enemy?

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  • The Sum of Iran's Parts: A Political Primer
    by Rostam Pourzal
  • Veterans of the Iran-Iraq War Seek Peace
    by The Olive Association: The Society of Peace Advocates
  • Images of Iran
    by William Wolak
  • Blue Eyes Looking Into Dark Eyes
    by Ymani Whitehawk Simmons
  • Rhyming in Conflict Zones: Using "Art-tillery" to Oppose Violence
    by Shahid Buttar and Hawah Kasat
  • An Anti-Bases Network Finds Its Base
    by Herbert Docena
  • Total Abolition: A Declaration of the International Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases
    by conference participants
  • A Real Turn-Off: Addressing Violence in the Media
    by Anissa New-Walker
  • Peace Wins: Maha Ghosananda, the “Gandhi of Cambodia”
    by Matthew Weiner


  • A Soldier's Lament
    by Doug Soderstrom
  • Each Soul Completes Me
    by Hafiz
  • Isn't It Enough?
    by Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi


  • Editorial: Four Letter Words
    by Ethan Vesely-Flad
  • Letters to the Editor
  • News of the Fellowship
  • Recommended Resources
  • Reviews: The Revenge of Gaia; Beyond Prisons; A War of Frontier and Empire; Blackwater
  • Global Balance: The Transformation of Anyone's Existence But Our Own
    by George Monbiot
  • Obituaries
  • 2006 Fellowship Index

On the front cover: An Iranian child at a sand statues festival in the city of Sari, Iran, located in the north of Iran at the Caspian Sea coast, on Wednesday, August 16, 2006. Photo courtesy of Jahad Montazeri, World Picture Network.