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Israel and Palestine

Our goals

We resist all forms of militarism, social and economic injustice by creating international support for nonviolent conflict transformation

The Fellowship of Reconciliation has a long history of leading delegations to Israel and Palestine to educate participants about the nature of the conflict and support the work of building bridges of reconciliation between people. This effort takes place within the framework of resisting all forms of militarism, racism and economic injustice and creating international support for nonviolent conflict transformation.  

The first FOR interfaith delegation to the Middle East took place in June, 1975 under the leadership of Alan Solomonow. In 1998, under the guidance of Doug Hostetter, Interfaith Peace Builders was established to continue our partnership with organizations practicing nonviolent resistance to settlement expansion, home demolition, checkpoints and military incursions.  In 2006 the IFPB became an independent organization with the support of FOR

Recently, changing conditions on the ground have given rise to new directions in the movement building and solidarity work of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. The recently reconstituted Palestine Israel working group of the Middle East Task force takes direction from FOR’s new campaign: Demilitarizing Life & Land. As part of this campaign, FOR sponsors three week Artist Delegations to Israel/Palestine to create a community based partnership with community centeres through mural arts (view application).


The Invisible Presence of Palestinian Nonviolence

I’ve often heard the question, “Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?” in articles, conversations, emails, as an audience question, in discussions with peace activists. The question is...

Posted by Joe Groves 2 weeks 5 days ago

When I speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I frequently get some version of the question, “What are the prospects for peace?” I rarely have the time or opportunity to explain why I think that question diverts our gaze from the real...

Posted by Joe Groves 10 weeks 4 days ago

Ariel Sharon is dead and his memory will not be a blessing. He embittered thousands of lives with his reign of brutality.

Posted by Lynn Gottlieb 13 weeks 3 days ago

Bethlehem, Jan. 13, 2014: So many things look familiar when I return to Palestine and Israel.

Posted by Mark Johnson 13 weeks 5 days ago

On August 6, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Palestinian peace and justice and nonviolent liberation leader, courageous advocate of human rights for all, was named recipient of the 2013 Montana Peace Seekers Network’s Peace Seeker of the Year award. Dr....

Posted by Frank Kromkowski 35 weeks 2 days ago





         STOP BOMBING GAZA. #PrayForGaza      

posted on the facebook page of “Gaza Youth Breaks Out