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Hudson Valley FOR

New York


Cass McVety, info [at] or (845) 358-4601 ext. 41

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The mission of the Hudson Valley, New York chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation is to involve the local community through awareness, education, local participation, and loving action to help attain FOR’s vision locally and around the world. We build coalitions, train peace-builders, and engage in nonviolent compassionate actions.

Events and projects sponsored by the Hudson Valley FOR chapter include:

  • Concert for Peace series
  • Compassionate Communication workshops
  • Phil Greenspan film series
  • Outreach at the annual Clearwater Festival
  • Environmental activism, includig annual Earth Day observance

Contact us to learn more: or (845) 358-4601 ext. 41. Find and like us on Facebook.


As many of you, I have had a difficult time dealing with the feelings that arise in response to what is happening in Israel/Palestine. Perhaps more important than my feelings is, what can I do to help?

Posted by Alan Levin 15 weeks 3 days ago

Does it make a sound? It’s an old philosophical question meant to have us explore basic issues of perception, reality and the nature of existence. I was asking myself something akin to this on my way to Washington D.C....

Posted by Alan Levin 26 weeks 4 days ago

I met Father Paul Mayer in his small apartment on the 11th floor of a building complex in East Orange. It was here that he lived since 1972 when he was part of Project Share, a small, activist peace and justice community that he helped found. It...

Posted by Alan Levin 45 weeks 3 days ago

I feel lighter today; something shifted. The impending bombing of Syria was put on hold. Russia and the U.S. came to an agreement and a stockpile of poison chemicals is going to be taken off line and disposed of. It...

Posted by Alan Levin 1 year 6 weeks ago

This is another post in my series on individuals and groups integrating political action with spiritual practice. My focus here is The Gaiafield Project

Posted by Alan Levin 1 year 11 weeks ago