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Stopping U.S. Militarism in Latin America

FOR's work in this area has shifted to an independent organization, FOR Peace Presence. For the latest information, visit

Current FOR status: Discontinued. Visit FOR Peace Presence for the latest information on this work.

The activation of the US Navy’s 4th Fleet, support for the coup in Honduras, negotiation of a military base agreement with Colombia, funding of new naval bases in Honduras and Panama, continued hostility to Venezuela, military deployment to Haiti after the earthquake, and agreement to deploy 7,000 Marines to Costa Rica demonstrate greater continuity than change in US policy and militarization in Latin America in the last two years.

The FOR is joining with organizations from throughout Latin America and the United States in a continental campaign to end foreign military presence in the hemisphere. The campaign is a project of the FOR Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean.

See our Blog and Information Section for action ideas, resources, analysis, and events in this coalition effort.


A new report from the Meso-American Working Group

Analysis and Recommendations for Legislators

Sign the petition to stop...

Posted by John Lindsay-Poland 48 weeks 6 days ago

Looking at Paraguay through Colombian eyes

By Susana Pimiento

Posted by Susana Pimiento 49 weeks 14 hours ago

Once the signature program of the US drug war in Latin America, aerial fumigation of coca leaf crops is finally in deep trouble.

Fumigation’s crisis comes in a moment when coca growers, like other...

Posted by John Lindsay-Poland 1 year 3 weeks ago

Presentation at annual dinner of Marin Task Force on the Americas

By John Lindsay-Poland, Fellowship of Reconciliation

Posted by John Lindsay-Poland 1 year 9 weeks ago