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Writing Letters To the Editor and Public Officials

Writing a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper is often a good way to get a different point of view into a pulic forum.    One good way to improve your chances of getting into print is to write in a timely way in response to an article in the current edition of your local paper.   Make the letter short and to the point  

Another approach is to submit a longer piece to the paper signed by your local chapter of FOR or your church group or any Peace and Justice or AntiWar organization with which you are active.   Or, several members of the group can write different short and focused responses to an article in the paper that seems particulary misleading or offensive.  That increases the odds that one of you will get through.

Writing to Public Officials is another way to express your concerns and attempt to influence pulic policy. You can write a letter to a pulic official, and share it here. That way others can use your letter as a model. You need to provide an official with a demand or a request for action. Tell them what you want them to do and why you want them to act. Then, reiterate your demand or request. Finally, thank them for their attention and initiative.

On the pages below, you will find some ideas for writing effective public Letters:

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