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Task Force on Social, Economic and Racial Justice

This is an archive of FOR’s work from 2008 to 2014. FOR continues to be active on issues of racial, economic and social justice, but our work is no longer grouped into this task force.

Racial, Economic and Social Justice are Inseparable

Building on FOR’s legacy and principles of anti-racism and conscientious objection, the Task Force on Social, Economic, and Racial Justice has trained hundreds of young people in nonviolent direct action, registered over 200 conscientious objectors under the age of 27, and continues to support local and national actions toward a demilitarized economy. FOR’s landmark work to desegregate interstate buses and challenge racism in partnership with the Congress of Racial Equality and other pacifist organizations during the Civil Rights Movement demonstrated that compassionate, holistic work is essential for justice. This task force continues the work in collaboration with veterans, grassroots organizers, artists, religious leaders, and environmentalists to expand the understanding of active nonviolence, justice, and counter recruitment.

US Social Forum’s Joint Struggle Delegation to the World Social Forum Free Palestine

Not only is the issue of Palestine a critical struggle for global justice in its own right, but the collaboration between the US, Israel, and other Zionist institutions in relation to the global arms trade, perpetual war, ecological destruction and exploitation of resource, population control, mass incarceration and suppression of popular movements has profound implications for all of us. As such, we are building a broad-based cross-movement delegation to the World Social Forum Free Palestine. More…

Research Delegation to Venezuela

This June the Alternative Education Research Institute (AERI) has organized a research delegation to Venezuela that consists of researchers, educators and community activists from various disciplines to engage in comparative research of African descendants of the slave trade and how social reform policies effect that population today in Venezuela.  FOR staff, Shauen Pearce will participate in the delegation with a focus on the ways in which agriculture is used to stabilize local economies in the midst of social reform and how information is transmitted across the generations to maintain resiliency and support community renewal.  More…

Brew Not Bullets!” Boycott Starbucks

Racial and Religious profiling and the human right to live safely and free from terrorism

Demilitarizing and Decolonizing: 99% or 100%?

The Future is NOW” National Conference

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) and the Culture Zone invite you to join us in the most unique discussion – ever – on the impact our imaginations and collaborations will have in shaping the direction of world peace and all-embracing human justice in the 21st Century. More…

I Will NOT Kill: Peace in OUR Communities

Counter-Military Recruitment and the Prison-Military System

Dare to Dream

I Will Not Kill:  Taking a stand against gun violence, bullying and the war machine

Through the I Will Not Kill initiative, this task force is building a youth movement to stand against gun violence and oppose military service. I Will Not Kill explores ways to stop the depravation of young people, especially in low-income communities and among people of color, particularly in major cities like Chicago, New Orleans, and New York where gun violence is continuing at alarming rates.

Read more about our work Demilitarizing Life and Land.

Durban+10 Coalition

As an active member of the Durban+10 Coalition, FOR is collaborating to end racism through the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action.  The Durban+10 Coalition is a Peoples’ and NGO Initiative to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action on the heels of the Obama Administration decision to oppose this strategic document to eliminate racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.  There are a number of ways you, too, can join FOR in the move for justice and the elimination of racial injustice.

Training, Workshops & Conferences

Our TFSERJ curriculum is centered upon popular education and principles of active nonviolence, arts infused education and self-care.  We have offerings that vary in length for communities of all kinds and work with local hosts to tailor the curriculum.

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