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Task Force on the Middle East

Current FOR status: Discontinued. This is an archive of FOR’s work from 2008 to 2014.

FOR’s Task Force on the Middle East employs research, education, and outreach to promote demilitarization in this highly conflicted area of the world. This task force’s mission is two-fold, with a domestic and an international focus.

Domestically, the task force strives to raise awareness about the billions of dollars wasted and the thousands of lives lost in U.S. military operations in the Middle East, maintains an interfaith dialogue, and speaks out against the wave of Islamophobia. Since the 1920s, FOR has sent delegations of peacemakers to troubled regions of the world and to nations regarded as U.S. enemies. These efforts continue in the task force’s Civilian Diplomacy  trips to Iran, in which delegates experience firsthand beauty, hospitality and humanity of a nation that Americans might otherwise fear. Proving the true heart of people thought to be enemies is also behind FOR’s support of “Our Journey to Smile,” the group of Afghan youth peace volunteers that have reached out to the world to “raise the possibility of love.”

Internationally, the task force works to promote understanding of the depletion of the region’s resources and destruction of life and land due to war, especially in Israel-Palestine and the countries of the Persian Gulf. The task force seeks to reconcile the decline in respect and justice between the Middle East and U.S. through education and people-to-people outreach.

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