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John Lindsay-Poland's blog

Evading Accountability: Washington's Drug War in Honduras

By John Lindsay-Poland

A night-time helicopter drug raid by Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Honduran police May 11 in the remote river community of Ahuas, Honduras killed four villagers, including two pregnant women and a 14-year-old boy. The massacre has led to renewed scrutiny of the U.S. role in Honduras.

US to Mexico: Guns Are US

The federal government released data on April 26 showing more than two thirds of guns recovered and traced from Mexico were manufactured or sold in the United States.

“When I die, it will be here for someone else”

Interview with Peace Community Farmers

By Dominque Aulisio

Homage to Piedad Morales

923 Photo by Sandra AlvarezPoet, peace activist, poet and friend Piedad Morales died on April 23. Co-founder of the Women’s Peaceful Path (Ruta Pacífica de la Mujer) in 1995, and social worker with Vamos Mujer in Medellín for 20 years, Piedad won several poetry prizes and founded the literary magazine Cigarra.

The Racist Drug War, Called Out

Last Thursday evening, the San Francisco Human Rights Commission held a remarkable hearing on the human rights impacts of the drug war. Thirteen experts and more than two dozen members of the public gave cogent and powerful testimony.

Metrics of U.S. Militarization in Latin America

I have been crunching some numbers lately, in an attempt to pull together different forms of U.S. military aid, spending and sales in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The following graphs come from putting together four streams of data, by country and region, from 2000 through 2011 (through 2010 for arms sales):

Session 4: Using Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

This session will address how to use the Freedom of Information Act as a means to obtain key documents and information about U.S. military activities. The two resources are the Freedom of Information Act Guide and link to the webinar on using FOIA.