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How much can we change on our own?

Last Spring, after years of organizing in the United States through FOR and other movements, I accepted a request to serve as the International Coordinator of the global expression of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, IFOR.

Good Friday in America

Every other day in America is Good Friday — death at the hands of the state. It happens so often that the news of such a tragedy elicits a rather ordinary response: “They killed another one.” As the death toll rings throughout Christendom’s past, state violence is ever present. Ferguson — America’s Nazareth — has given birth to a new theology at work in the world.

24 Hours at the Cross: A Holy Week confrontation with execution in Texas

While churches always have a plethora of odd smells, there is one that is particularly memorable. Smelling like a mix of mold and mildew, I have always imagined it to be the results of inactive butts marinating in the pews for years and years.

Together we can #ReclaimHolyWeek

Since the 1920s, the Fellowship of Reconciliation has provided an interfaith context for people to put their religious beliefs into action. Our understanding of “interfaith” has meant not watering down our faith traditions into a “least common denominator” sense of religion.

West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition's 2015 Peace Essay Contest

Applications for The Third Annual WSFPC Peace Essay Contest are now being accepted. Awards will again be $1,000 for the winner, $300 for the runner-up and $100 for third place. 


Rabbi Everett Gendler Teaches Samuel Tamaret's Torah of Nonviolence

A powerful take away for rabbis attending the fabulous Jewish Voice for Peace National Members’ Meeting emerged during a text study with the venerable Rabbi Everett Gendler

Navroz: The Recurrent Renewal

May the soul flourish;
May youth be as the new-grown grain


Committed to nonviolence in Ferguson

This weekend, FOR staff are in Ferguson and St.

Honored and Humbled – FOR USA Receives Generous Bequest

Recently, FOR USA received an $89,500 bequest from the estate of Father George Wertin.  For 13 years, Father Wertin pastored the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On the Road to Selma!

Last October, I had to pinch myself as I sat next to one of my heroes, Congressman John Lewis, in a small soul food restaurant in Durham, North Carolina.

Just an hour earlier, I had been blessed to meet Rep. Lewis at a speaking event. As we left, his publisher spontaneously invited me to join them for an intimate dinner. I was head over heels.