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Creative resistance: Syria's nonviolent struggle persists

Terrorism does not fight terrorism” declares a Syrian protest sign, emphasizing that the brutal Assad regime and the repressive Islamist extremists are two sides of the same coin. The sign tells a story.

Final week to submit FOR Peace Awards nominations

Just a quick reminder that this is the final week to nominate your favorite peace workers for FOR’s 2014 Peace Awards. For your convenience, we’ve extended the deadline from Friday, April 11th to Sunday, April 13th at midnight!

Reflections on Walter Wink’s last book

Walter Wink, thank you for writing your short autobiography, Just Jesus, before you died.  When I saw the book on Linda Kelly’s desk at the FOR headquarters, I gravitated right towards it.  I was interested in meeting you in person, even if it had to be through the written word. 

In the Name of the Mother

Beaver Creek ambles through the arid Arizona land revealing a spreading community of stone-beings that make the waters dance and sing as they roll and tumble on their endless journey.

Learning the magic of soul force by fighting apartheid

In the spring of 1988, I somewhat belatedly became involved in the anti-apartheid movement.  I had worked for the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) in Rhode Island for 16 years on peace and justice issues. My position was slated to be terminated at the end of September and I was graciously told that I was free to spend my remaining staff time on the work of my choice.

Beyond the Peace Process, Part 2: "Where Is the Palestinian Gandhi?"

The Invisible Presence of Palestinian Nonviolence

I’ve often heard the question, “Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?” in articles, conversations, emails, as an audience question, in discussions with peace activists. The question is usually well-intentioned.

Book review: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Context

Eileen Babbitt and Ellen Lutz have made an important contribution to the Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution series. As they point out:

Egypt kangaroo court sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death

The Egyptian court has just handed down one of the most grotesque sentences in Egyptian history, condemning 529 people to death in one fell swoop. The U.S. State Department said it was “shocked” and that the verdict defies logic.

Renewing Hope, for the Future: Divest From the Nuclear Power Industry

This is an open letter to leaders and groups in the religious community in the United States inviting your participation to expand a campaign currently being mounted to divest from fossil fuel companies to also include the nuclear power industry as well. [Ed.

Lucas Johnson named IFOR International Coordinator

Please celebrate with us the news that the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Lucas Johnson has been named International Coordinator of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR)!