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If a Tree Falls in the Forest and No One Hears…

Does it make a sound? It’s an old philosophical question meant to have us explore basic issues of perception, reality and the nature of existence. I was asking myself something akin to this on my way to Washington D.C. for the “Reject and Protect” rally to protest against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

On Becoming a Living Fossil

This past Friday I went up to a Unitarian Church here in Manhattan to take part in a series of interviews for a film project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, which is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary — Virginia Baron had been there just before me, and Leslie Cagan was arriving as I left. The chances are good I may have been, at 84, the oldest of those interviewed.

Book review: Discordant Neighbours

As A.E.(George Russell) wrote in The Avatars, “Ares is the only god who repeats himself. The warrior mind in heaven as on earth is devoid of imagination. Was there ever clearer evidence of flagging invention than in the Russian revolution following the French?

Strategy and Soul: A Review

For the past several months, Daniel Hunter’s book Strategy & Soul has accompanied me throughout my journey with the FOR.

A spiritual voice in the environmental crisis

Today on Earth Day, we join all those around the world in recognizing “the essential unity of all creation,” as articulated in the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Statement of Purpose.

Beyond the Peace Process, Part 3: The U.S.-Israel Connection

Guns, Surveillance, and Resistance

We tend to think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a matter of foreign affairs. At one level that is correct—the visible locus of the conflict is “over there,” between “other people.” What is less immediately visible is the presence of the conflict here in our midst.

Creative resistance: Syria's nonviolent struggle persists

Terrorism does not fight terrorism” declares a Syrian protest sign, emphasizing that the brutal Assad regime and the repressive Islamist extremists are two sides of the same coin. The sign tells a story.

Final week to submit FOR Peace Awards nominations

Just a quick reminder that this is the final week to nominate your favorite peace workers for FOR’s 2014 Peace Awards. For your convenience, we’ve extended the deadline from Friday, April 11th to Sunday, April 13th at midnight!

Reflections on Walter Wink’s last book

Walter Wink, thank you for writing your short autobiography, Just Jesus, before you died.  When I saw the book on Linda Kelly’s desk at the FOR headquarters, I gravitated right towards it.  I was interested in meeting you in person, even if it had to be through the written word.