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Women, War and Peace: Colombian Women Demand Truth and Justice

By Mariel Pérez and Dana Brown

November 16 marked an important change in Colombia’s peace negotiations - President Juan Manuel Santos announced that a woman would finally secure a place among the all-male negotiating table between the government and the FARC guerrilla.

Rethinking the Drug War in Central America and Mexico

A new report from the Meso-American Working Group

Analysis and Recommendations for Legislators

Sign the petition to stop funding the drug war in Meso-America.

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A Step toward Restoring Trust in a Threatened Community

There was positive news this month, as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos apologized to the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartadó, with whom FOR has lived and worked with for over a decade. The apology came on December 10, International Human Rights Day, as Santos addressed the whole of Colombia and expressed his “deep admiration and respect” for the Community. 

IFOR Announces Centennial Ceremony Plans

100 Years FOR Nonviolence” is the motto for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) Centennial, to be held August 1-3, 2014 in Konstanz (Constance), Germany.

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2013 Closes with Unilateral Cease-fire

FARC Proposes Ten Points on Drug Policy

By Gina Spigarelli

We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Last week a delegation of 14 Fellowship of Reconciliation members traveled to Ithaca, New York to honor two lifetime peacemakers with FOR’s 2013 Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Award. For their visionary, courageous, and persevering work in building the Beloved Community, Dr. Dorothy Cotton and Dr.

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Tribute to Father Paul Mayer

I met Father Paul Mayer in his small apartment on the 11th floor of a building complex in East Orange. It was here that he lived since 1972 when he was part of Project Share, a small, activist peace and justice community that he helped found. It was here that, at 80 years old, he continued to teach yoga to the mostly elderly, African-American residents.

FOR USA's headquarters: Shadowcliff nominated to the State and National Registers of Historic Places

On December 6, the following article, written by reporter Barbara Nackman, appeared on the Lohud Real Estate Blog Site:

Rockland’s Shadowcliff nominated to historic registers

Shadowcliff, a historic property in Rockland County’s  Upper Nyack, is poised for some national recognition.