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Which Side Are We On?

“On the one side, powerful military bureaucracies, influential and richly financed weapons industries, their lobbies, their captive legislators, those for whom paranoia or past wars are a way of life,” he wrote.

George Houser's Memorial Services - West & East

The Houser family and the Fellowship of Reconciliation warmly welcome you to attend a celebration of the life of beloved husband, father, friend to all, and legendary peace activist, George Houser.  There will be two celebrations - one on the west coast in Santa Rosa, CA, an

Job Opening: Staff Accountant and Operations Manager (Closed)

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR USA), founded in 1915, is the oldest interfaith peace and justice organization in North America. With chapters and national staff located throughout the United States and headquarters in Nyack, N.Y., FOR-USA is part of an international FOR network with branches in more than 40 countries. 

Ending war with economic justice

Since FOR’s founding in 1915 during World War I, members have believed that it is not enough to merely avoid war, but that it’s essential to remove the causes of war and create a new social order rooted in dignity and freedom for all.

Economic justice has always been a prominent concern of FOR’s members.

Afghan girl, Sakina, buries toy gun and says…

10 year old Sakina, an Afghan street kid, had this to say, “I don’t like to be in a world of war. I like to be in a world of peace.”

On 27th August 2015, Sakina and Inam, with fellow Afghan street kids and the Afghan Peace Volunteers, held a mock funeral for weapons and celebrated the establishment of a green space in Kabul.

George Houser and the Journey of Reconciliation

August 20, 2015 - I have just had the sad news that my friend George Houser died yesterday at the age of 99.  George was the last surviving participant in the first Freedom Ride in February 1947.  I came to know George when I worked for eight years as the (pro bono) General Counsel of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) with which George had long been associated.

Goodbye George - Thanks for a job well done

With respect to the passing on of George Houser, on August 19, 2015, I would like to say some words of remembrance.

George Houser, first of all, was a man for whom I held an enormous amount of respect.


The Afghan Peace Volunteers, based in Kabul, Afghanistan, are partnering with many organizations and individuals around the world to say we have all had ENOUGH

George Houser: A champion for justice who became my mentor

While he lived well into his 99th year, the world lost a champion for justice last week. George House was my mentor, role model, and dear friend. Other than my father, he was the man who had the greatest influence on my life.

Let it Shine

This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”


Anti-refugee and anti-Muslim rhetoric is out of control. Entire groups of human beings are being marginalized.

This needs to stop immediately.

Act now to #GiveRefugeesRest