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Event: Montgomery to Ferguson

FOR is honored to invite everyone in the Tri-State Area to join us at a special event featuring FOR Freeman Fellow Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou with activist and author David Hartsough next week in New York City!

Nationwide movement demands the president take action on police brutality

December 1, 2014, St Louis, Missouri: “On the anniversary of Rosa Park’s heroic act which set the stage to break the back of American apartheid, following more than one hundred days of sustained protest and a week of massive nationwide and global solidarity protests,


In this season, as we begin times of celebrations, we are aware that there is still much hurt and distrust in our world. Even so, FOR USA is determined to create a world of peace through the transforming power of nonviolent reconciliation.


Killer Christians in Texas: The Next Victim is Scott Panetti

Has your church ever executed someone? Don’t be appalled by such a question. Think deeper. Perhaps you never hung someone on the cross at the front of your sanctuary, but have you considered the consequences of your inaction?

FOR is so thankful for you!

From our community to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

There is much brokenness in our world and much more justice to work for. Nonetheless, we are thankful for our beloved community of FOR members, supporters and chapters.

In the video below, FOR Executive Director Kristin Stoneking shares a message of hope and peace for the coming year.

Ferguson and Justice

The question of whether or not Officer Wilson’s response to Michael Brown was legal is not really the point. In the brutality of American history, the answer to such legal questions has almost always been the same answer that this Grand Jury provided.

Black Lives Matter

Last night, about two hours after the announcement of the Missouri grand jury’s determination that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted, I received a text from our staff on the ground in Ferguson.