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Returning to FOR's Roots, Part 1: A U.S.-based strategy for nonviolent social change

In 2010-11, my predecessor Mark Johnson traveled some 50,000 miles to meet with individuals and groups in our U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation network. These cross-country tours sought, in part, to assess the needs and health of our national network of chapters, affiliates, and individual members.

Apply today for 2014 young adult Multifaith Summer Institute

Are you 19 to 29, and thinking about doing something totally different this summer? Are you grounded in the Muslim, Jewish, or Christian faith tradition and interested in exploring with your peers from the other Abrahamic faith traditions how your faith journey comes together with your work for social justice, peace, nonviolence, and care for the earth?

Gift-giving and banquet diplomacy in the spring season of Purim and Norouz

Purim is a Jewish holy day that originated in ancient Persia. Many narrative features of the story reveal different aspects of Persian culture. Gift-giving is an example of a valued custom and method of diplomacy which appears in the Purim text, and on bas-relief images carved into the walls of Persepolis.

Shadowcliff: Historic in the 21st Century

Congratulations are in order!  We recently received word from the New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation that Shadowcliff is now listed in the State Register of Historic Places.  The Commissioner, who is also the NYS Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), has also nominated Shadowcliff to be entered into the National Register.

Praying and working for peace while paying for war

It is again that time of year when we are asked to pay our federal taxes, half of which goes for war and preparations for more wars. In the last century over 180 million people died in wars.

IFOR Centennial invitation

The International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) celebrates this year its hundredth anniversary. The movement was born out of an international peace conference held in Konstanz, Germany, in early August 1914. The event itself as well as the fact that there was a significant movement for peace and friendship between the nations is largely unknown today.

FOR job posting: National Director of Organizing [filled]

Update: This position has been filled.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation, the nation’s first interfaith peace and justice organization founded a century ago, seeks a National Director of Organizing (NDO).

Download a PDF version of this job listing.

Recalling the Seegers: Who will be this year's peace awardees?

Each year, the Fellowship of Reconciliation awards three peace prizes — international, national, and local — to individuals or organizations whose commitment to peace, justice, and reconciliation is recognized as extraordinary.

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FOR Panel Discussion on American Drone Wars

FOR hosted an Internet panel discussion on America’s Drone Wars at, which combines live images of the speakers with a chat box for comments and questions.

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Under International Law, Drone Wars are Illegal

On January 31, I made the following argument before a Court in the town of DeWitt where I was charged with Disorderly Conduct for protesting the MQ9 Reaper drones flown from Hancock Base over Afghanistan. I argue that the War on Terror is illegal under International Law and drone attacks in particular violate both Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law.