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A Pilgrimage to Abolish the Death Penalty from Livingston to Austin

Dallas, TexasMoved to pilgrimage in prayer for the abolishment of the death penalty, Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Board Member Rev. Jeff Hood will conduct “A Pilgrimage to Abolish the Death Penalty from Livingston to Austin” from Friday, June 13, 2014 to Thursday, June 19, 2014.

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The Syrian Election and ISIS in Iraq

Earlier this month, I traveled with seven other westerners to Syria where we joined with 30-plus activists, journalists, and politicians from Asia, Africa, and South America to observe the Syria presidential election. Bashar Assad won 88% of the vote.

Vincent Harding, Rest in Peace

When I received the news that one of my dearest mentors, “Uncle” Dr. Vincent G. Harding had passed away, I had just finished some research he invited me to do for him as he was preparing to dedicate time to a memoir he’d long planned to write. Dr. Harding had asked me to collect some of the essays he wrote in the 1960s.

Honor the Warrior, Not the War: A Veteran's Memorial Day Reflection

Dear Friend,

After visiting the Vietnam War Memorial in DC for the first time, I wrote a poem for one of my buddies memorialized there.

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Nigeria’s missing schoolgirls

From 1962 to 1964 I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nigeria. I taught at a secondary school in a part of northeastern Nigeria, along the Cameroon border, that is currently under siege by an extremist group called Boko Haram, which translates in the Hausa language somewhat loosely as “Western education is a sin” in an ill-defined attempt to impose their value system on the state.

The Ukrainian Muddle: Lies, Manipulation, and Silence

Poor Katrina van den Heuvel and husband Stephen Cohen, she the editor of The Nation and he a scholar of Russian history and the author of a definitive biography of Nikolai Bukharin, who was executed during Stalin’s mad blood purges, and more recently,

How U.S. military aid affects human rights

I’m in Washington today with Colombian human rights defender Rosa Liliana Ortiz, meeting with State Department officials and congressional staff to present our findings about the human rights outcomes of billions of dollars of U.S. military assistance in Colombia.

Costa Rican lawyer Roberto Zamorra crusades for the right to peace

Sometimes it just takes one person with a creative mind to shake up the entire legal system. In the case of Costa Rica, that person is Luis Roberto Zamorra Bolaños, who was just a law student when he challenged the legality of his government’s support for George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. He took the case all the way up to the Costa Rican Supreme Court—and won.

Creating a Sustainable Future, Part 3: Persevering FOR Peace

At the core of FOR’s theory of change is the primacy of responsiveness to the issues of the day through relationship. Our international fellowship began through the August 1914 handshake of Henry Hodgkin and Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze, who pledged to seek reconciliation with each other even though their countries were at war.

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest and No One Hears…

Does it make a sound? It’s an old philosophical question meant to have us explore basic issues of perception, reality and the nature of existence. I was asking myself something akin to this on my way to Washington D.C. for the “Reject and Protect” rally to protest against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.