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Stretching to the times: Why I choose FOR

Shortly after I turned 20 years old, in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S. government re-established compulsory draft registration. It was a public message that we were ready to invade Afghanistan, too. Failure to register could lead to five years in prison. I didn’t have to go to war; war had come to me.

Video: They will be changing the world

I’ve never encountered a space like this. The idea that spirituality renews our work and protects us from burnout, because we’re all doing very challenging work,” states IFOR Fellow Rosario Quiroz.

The peace and justice year in review: Here are a few of our favorite things!

2013 has been an incredible year for justice-centered activism. As we enjoy this holiday season, here’s a “top 10” list of creative and awe-inspiring peace and justice campaigns that have inspired us at the Fellowship of Reconciliation this year.

Your donation: Doubled

You’ve spent the past year working for peace, justice and nonviolence in your communities — and that hard work has rippled up throughout the country.

Honoring Dr. King with interfaith actions on the climate crisis

As people of faith and spirituality we remain deeply distressed about the effects of climate change ravaging our planet and worsening the plight of the poor. We recognize the responsibility each of us has to make changes in our own behaviors to reduce human causes of the climate crisis.

Love letter to friends on Jeju Island

Dear friends on Jeju Island: Sung Hee, Paco, Silver, Sister Stella, Dr. Park and many others at Gangjeong Village,

I lived in a gorgeous agricultural village in Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan for seven years and like yourselves on Jeju Island in South Korea, every morning, I woke up to a window scene of “heaven.”

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Veterans F.O.R. Emergency Food Card Assistance Project

This is an opportunity for F.O.R. members, especially those who are military veterans, to reach out to the young veterans’ community…

Mandela, “Terrorism,” and the Words We Use

Our visit to South Africa in 2006 was still several months away. To prepare myself, I had taken up Nelson Mandela’s autobiography and found it an inspiration.

Perhaps that made the epiphany all the more disturbing.

Elie Wiesel and the question of theodicy

The back of this year’s Fellowship of Reconciliation holiday card includes a quote by Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel that reflects the importance, complexity, and inviolability of each individual’s life and experience. The particularity, humanity, and sacredness of each person are values that FOR holds dear.