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In grief and solidarity

To die violently and at the hands of hate in a place of worship, a place that is supposed to be inviolable, a place imbued with the energy of prayers spoken and shouted, hymns sung and moaned, bodies hugged and loved, is an unspeakable violation of goodness and justice in the world.

Today is George Houser's 99th birthday!

One of the most important yet least-heralded activists of the 20th century, George’s name is synonymous with the early history of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the foundations of the civil rights movement, and the growth of the international solidarity movement with African liberation struggles.

FOR on the Road - coming to a place near you?

Over the last three weeks, I’ve travelled more than 10,000 miles to meet FOR members and activists around the country. It has been an inspiration to meet with individuals and groups who are committed to a more peaceful and just world, and I am continually blessed to be a part of the FOR network.

NPT: Nuclear Weapons and Tension Areas

As Winston Churchill once quipped “God so loved the world that he did not send a committee”.

A prayer for true security

The month-long deliberations of governments in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review at the United Nations ended Friday, May 22.

Oliver Timmons ¡Presente!

On Monday, May 11th, Oliver Timmons died in his sleep. The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism. At the young age of 58, we all lost a tremendous human being.

NPT: New Opportunities and Obsolete Perceptions

 In “Nuclear-weapon Non-prolifereation and Global Order” I outlined the framework of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and the role of the Review Conferences.  Here I will deal first with the evolution of the NPT Reviews and then turn to possible avenues for future action.

Nuclear-weapon Non-proliferation and Global Order

The Review Conference on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) started at the United Nations in New York on 27 April and is planned to run until 22 May. (In 1980, the Review had run three extra days in the hope of being able to reach consensus on an agreed “outcome document” in which it failed.

45 years ago

On May 4th, college students across the United States were holding “teach-ins” about the war in Vietnam.  Four of our fellow students were shot at Kent State by members of the National Guard.  You could taste the anti-war movement.