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If the Wages of Sin Is Death: The Case of Andrew Brannan

The weather was cold. Winters in Georgia are always a strange kind of cold. The stated temperature never reflects the discomfort most people feel.

We Belong to Each Other

This weekend I was on a panel with a leading White anti-racist worker who told older Black people that we need to get out of the way of our youth so that they can build a Movement.

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Tonight, as we count down to a new year, we hope you’ll make a small investment in the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s work to build active nonviolence in Ferguson and nationwide in 2015.

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Dear FOR family,

Nonviolence has taken a major step forward in the United States this year.


VIDEO: The heartbeat of democracy: Nonviolence in action in Ferguson

We talk a lot about the power of nonviolence. But we don’t get to see it in action as often as we like.

That’s why we’re so excited to share with you this video of FOR Fellow Rev. Osagyefo Sekou — leading peaceful protesters in St. Louis facing down a phalanx of riot police nonviolently:

Multi-ethnic, Multi-generational, Multi-faith: Blessed by FOR by La Trina Jackson

It has been a joy and a great privilege for me to join the National Council of the Fellowship of Reconciliation this year.

Occupy Central with Peace and Love: An Update

In a 9 October piece, I had outlined the nonviolent protests against the election procedures in Hong Kong and suggested that the protests

I am forever amazed by FOR by Doug Mackey

We were 99 years old on November 12, 2014.

Nearly a century ago, 34 women and 34 men attended the first meeting of FOR-USA in Garden City, New York. It was firmly declared that we would be an interfaith organization. Since that beginning, we’ve been:

Year-end resources for anti-racism activists

As I prepare to return to St. Louis in late December with my family and a group of college students to connect more deeply with the Ferguson movement, there is a sense that a sea change has occurred during the past year.

The Taliban in the Self

Shots rang out. Blood was everywhere. Bodies hit the floor. Children screamed. The images and descriptions of the scene at a school in Pakistan are more than horrific. Over 130 children are dead over an extremist religious ideology.