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The Death in Ferguson

Love is going to fuck you up.” The ominous words rang out from a woman standing on the street corner. Pointing at me, the woman declared, “You are going to have to die before you can love anybody here.” I knew she was right.

Prayers for a Peace Poet Battered in Ferguson

On Monday, August 18, our friends The Peace Poets, a collective of artists that celebrate, examine and advocate for life through music and poetry, announced to their community that they had decided to divert from their current tour schedule to join the struggle for justice in Ferguson in the wake of the fatal police shooting of teenager

#Ferguson: CNN Is Lying! And we're facing the police again

I have not slept for days. Last night I stood again at the front lines of a mass protest in Ferguson, Missouri. We were marching peacefully, calling for justice in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown last week.

Ferguson: Dispatch from the Field

On Friday, August 15, there was, finally, a feeling of relative calm.

We’re human fodder caught in the crossfire of armed groups and armed governments

“Her father was killed in Helmand amidst fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan/U.S.-NATO forces,” said a relative about Gul Jumma, who looked down, shy and full of angst, sensing a future that’s not promising.

Kein Geld für Krieg: A century of International FOR

I’m writing this from Konstanz, Germany.

One hundred years ago this month, at the outbreak of World War I, German Lutheran Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze and English Quaker Henry Hodgkin shook hands and pledged a fellowship of interfaith pacifism.

They urged their governments to withdraw from war, to disarm their militaries, and to work toward international reconciliation.

There Are Children to Love

The black-and-white beans danced around the screen. The heartbeats thundered through the speakers. My wife and I could not believe our eyes. We knew exactly what they were: twins.

Report from the IFOR Centennial Commemoration

Konstanz, Germany: IFOR 100th Anniversary Conference and 25th Quadrennial Council