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Scheduled to Die Tonight: My conversation yesterday with Tim Storey

Reflections on Tim Storey: The Man Beyond the Headlines during his last hours of life, which state officials are planning to end tonight.

Notes from phone conversations with Tim, his mother and stepfather, Pat and Joe Basler, Feb. 9, 2015

Going South: "Hey Boy, Are You One of Them Civil Rights Workers?"

In spring 1965, I was a senior in the College of Social Studies at Wesleyan University and assumed I would graduate in June, just a year behind schedule. In addition to doing ongoing course work and preparing for my final exams, I was working on a thesis of 100 to 150 pages required for graduation.

There Is A River

There is a conversation about racial justice flowing throughout the land. Read on for just three examples in different parts of the country.

How are you a part of it? We want to know! Please email and let us know what is going on in your communities so we can feature it in the future.

FOR-USA Seeking Nominations for National Council

There are several spots opening for new National Council members and we need some excellent nominations from the grassroots of the FOR network; you all!

WOW: Thank You! What a Week It's Been!

We are thrilled to have kicked off 2015 with three huge successes in our work to organize, train, and grow a diverse nonviolent movement!

A Future in Prison

January 22, 2015 -  The Bureau of Prisons contacted me today, assigning me a prison number and a new address:  for the next 90 days, beginning tomorrow, I’ll live at FMC Lexington, in the satellite prison camp for women, adjacent to Lexington’s federal medical center for men.  Very early tomorrow morning, Buddy Bell, Cassandra Dixon, and Paco and Silver, two house guests whom we

No More Murders! : Stop the Supreme Court and the People of Georgia with Prayer

There is an old story about Jesus.  During one of his marathon sessions, the entire house he was teaching in filled up and everyone wanted to share a moment with Jesus.  Hearing that he had the power to heal people, a group across town picked up their disabled neighbor and car

#ReclaimMLK with a weekend of movement-building

This weekend, nationwide rallies are planned to #ReclaimMLK — to shift the conversation from simply “community service” to “community justice,” and to highlight t

Join FOR, Suheir Hammad & Saul Williams in St. Louis for a Ferguson benefit!

I’m thrilled to announce that FOR, in partnership with South City Solidarity and Lane4 Events, has organized a St. Louis event to benefit jail support in Ferguson, featuring Saul Williams, Suheir Hammad, and local legend Nappy DJ Needles.

If the Wages of Sin Is Death: The Case of Andrew Brannan

The weather was cold. Winters in Georgia are always a strange kind of cold. The stated temperature never reflects the discomfort most people feel.