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U.S. Aid to Colombia Contravenes Human Rights Intentions

New Report Shows Dramatic Ties to Extrajudicial Killings

A detailed report released today by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) describes how U.S. funding to the Colombian military has been supporting army units whose members have killed hundreds of civilians.

Read a summary and download the full report.

Drawing on extensive data from the Colombian Attorney General’s and Inspector General’s offices, 20 human rights organizations, the U.S. State Department, and the Colombian military, the report shows that massive military training, equipment and intelligence provided under the rubric of Plan Colombia have abrogated U.S. human rights law and contributed to the killing of thousands of civilians by the Colombian Army.


Dear Friends, On behalf of Mark Johnson, our executive director, and staff and National Council of FOR, I am happy to welcome you to our new website.

Our address (URL) on the internet hasn’t changed but our appearance has. We hope you will enjoy the new site, which will allow you to research information from FOR’s online archives as well as read about our current work, campaigns, services and plans.

PEACE of the ACTION! FOR's 2010 Peace Awards

Planning is underway for our 2010 Peace Awards. This year’s theme is Peace of the Action! Just as in years past, choosing recipients for our International Pfeffer, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Local Nyack Area Peace Awards (from over 50 nominations) proved to be a formidable challenge.

This year’s winners are: Scott Kennedy, co-founder and Middle East Program Coordinator for Resource Center for Nonviolence; Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODE Pink and Global Exchange; and Drs. Tashi Dolma and Tashi Rabten, founders of the Tibetan Home of Hope.

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Join FOR at National Peace Conference

Fellowship of Reconciliation staff & leaders will attend the United National Antiwar Conference from July 23-25, 2010 in Albany, NY. FOR’s Mark Johnson (executive director), Leila Zand (Iran program director), and Jim Murphy (International Veterans FOR chapter coordinator) will speak on panels, and many other FOR members will actively participate in this major peace & justice event focused on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and opposing U.S. militarism worldwide. Please join us!

Bill Hammaker, "The Professor of Peace," passes on

From an editorial in the Ventura County Star:

William L. Hammaker, at 102, was still working for peace, still making new friends, still making a difference when he drew his last breath at home in Camarillo, after a bowl of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, in the fourth quarter of the Lakers game Thursday.<—break->

Terrorists and Nonviolence!

It has been said that when in 1953 Dr. Mossadegh was in Lahha court, he took a seat which was designated for the British ambassador. The Judge noted to him to change his seat many times. Dr. Mosadegh didn’t pay attention. At the end finally the British Ambassador came over and told Dr. Mosadeghh “ This seat is assigned to me” Mosasegh looked at him and said, “ Don’t think I don’t know.

A call from Iran: No Weapon of Mass Destruction.

29 June is the anniversary of the gas attack on Sardasht* and also Iran’s National Day to Call for a Ban

on Chemical Weapons.

To commemorate the occasion and help prevent future wars, the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims

Support (SCWVS), the Veterans and War Victims Organization, and the Tehran Peace Museum have

Anti-Torture Activists Acquitted in Trial

Twenty-Four Anti-Torture Activists Acquitted in Trial for Protest at the US Capitol Calling for Guantanamo’s Closure and the Investigation of Deaths at the Prison

Broken Promises, Broken Laws, Broken Lives

Twenty-Seven to Go on Trial for Protesting the Obama Administration’s Failure to Close Guantanamo, Plan for Indefinite Detention, and Refusal to Prosecute Torture.
For Immediate Release, June 10, 2010
Jeremy Varon: M: 732-979-3119
Helen Schietinger: M: 202-344-5762
WASHINGTON, D.C.”” On Monday, June 14 twenty-seven will face trial stemming from arrests at the U.S.
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Making Martyrs

We would wish that the news of this tragedy came as a surprise, but instead, our response is simply one of deep sadness. The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) condemns the attack on the ship Marmara in international waters and the deaths of unarmed demonstrators seeking to deliver humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza.