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India-Pakistan-Afghanistan: Gandhi, Khan, and nonviolence

I had seen the book A Man to Match His Mountains but never read it. Its reputed theme was so simple and strong that I told myself I understood it well enough without having to work my way through the words: a Muslim man from a fierce warrior clan on the Pakistan-Afghanistan-India border emerges as one of Gandhi’s main co-workers in the cause of freedom and nonviolence.

More reflections on interfaith engagement from the Iran delegation

FOR Iran Program Director Leila Zand (left) is interviewed by an Iranian journalist at Yousef-Abad Synagogue in Tehran.
FOR Iran Program Director Leila Zand (left) is interviewed by an Iranian journalist at Yousef-Abad Synagogue in Tehran.

More reports have come in today from the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 8th peace delegation to Iran. Jacob R., a young Jewish activist from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, has posted three reflections on a blog he is maintaining.

Before traveling to Iran, Jacob had expressed his commitment to building ties across political and religious lines, noting that he has traveled three times to Palestine and Israel to help connect Israeli Jews with Palestinians living in the West Bank. This formed a foundation for his interest in visiting Iran, and learning about the historic relationships between Muslim and Jewish communities in that land. What follows is an excerpt from his most recent set of written reflections:

Reflections from Iran

The Fellowship of Reconciliation’s eighth civilian diplomacy delegation to Iran is currently in the stunningly beautiful central city of Esfahan, known as "half the world" to every person of Persian descent. Mark Johnson, executive director of FOR and co-leader of the delegation, sent the following reflection to friends on Monday, December 1st, on the theme of being away from the U.S. during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

The Balance Of Our Tour: Everything Is Both Different And The Same

Drop Beats Not Bombs After 21 days on the road, 2557 miles driven and countless cafeteria meals — things are both different and the same. For example, before the tour our van was just another rental car with nothing unique about it. We returned it well used, more fragrant (!) and with a new name: the planet of Tranquilandia. Maybe more importantly, when the tour started the entire country was waiting with baited breath for the results of the election. Now we know that Obama will be our next US president. According to most people I’ve talked to, this means that some positive changes are likely to come about, but that we are not going to see an overhaul of the entire world order. Before the tour, political hip hop from Detroit had nothing to do with youth resistance in Colombia. Now Invincible’s rhymes and Paula’s stories of creative resistance are flowing together — in people’s imaginations, thoughts and maybe even dreams. And yet, there is still war in Colombia, displacement in Detroit and a poverty draft of young people of color and the poor.

Photos from Iran

Our 8th peace delegation to Iran is currently underway. One of the participants is Rae Abileah, who is is an organizer with Code Pink. She has been posting some great photos from the trip. You can see them in the slideshow below or view them full size at Flickr.

Please act now to stem paramilitary threats to the Colombian peace community

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Writing from India

I have the same feeling as on 9/11, when I was in Washington, D.C. One hundred eighty dead civilians and more than 300 wounded from an indiscriminate attack on a highly visible set of targets. Except this time, I am in country I don't know, where I don't speak the language of most — only the colonial language. Today, on a train I talked with five men who wanted to discuss terrorism. For them, it was about Muslim terrorism. One man said that Gandhi was the black spot of India, because he encouraged Muslims not to leave at the time of partition, and so India now has 20-25% Muslim population. According to these men, Muslims and Hindus cannot live together. I questioned — are you talking about 200 million Muslims, or just the 20 who carried out the terror operation in Mumbai on Wednesday night, with perhaps the support of another 100 people?

Making Connections to Israel/Palestine

On Monday of last week I found myself doing simultaneous translation for the play “My Name is Rachel Corrie.” This play tells the story of the young 23-year-old Olympia, Washington native who was working for the International Solidarity Movement when an Israeli tractor bulldozed her down as she was trying to protect a Palestinian house from being demolished. At moments I became light headed and realized why: I was forgetting to breathe in the rush of trying to translate as much as I could for Paula. I would stop and take a deep breath and begin again. Despite all my efforts, I’m sure I only managed to translate about half of the dialogue and had to swallow back my tears a number of times when the content of what I was translating was heartbreaking in its injustice.

Civilian Diplomats: interfaith delegation departs for Iran

U.S. Civilian Diplomacy Delegation Departs for Iran;
Focus on Interfaith Dialogue and Preventing War

November 26, 2008

In the wake of today’s news from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that she will not pursue the creation of a U.S. “interests section” in Tehran — which would have created a permanent U.S. diplomatic presence in Iran for the first time in three decades — a 14-member interfaith peace delegation to Iran will depart New York tonight, November 26th. The ten-day delegation is organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), the oldest and largest interfaith peace organization in the United States, and is FOR’s eighth fact-finding and friendship delegation to Iran.

January 19th — honoring Dr. King, preparing for the Inauguration

This week, a Facebook page was created for the big "Rebirthing King, Rebirthing America" event that will take place in the nation’s Capitol this coming January. Please join us on Facebook! Also, here is the text of the ad that will appear in next month’s issue of Fellowship magazine about the effort (curricula materials to be posted soon):